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"The dinner shows in the Central Florida area are AWESOME! They are yet another great attraction for the whole family with food and beverage included! Can't beat these dinner show discounts either."

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Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Shows are some of the most entertaining shows in Orlando. Guests are seated for a nice dinner experience. The food smells delicious, and the scenery is quite nice. A cast of colorful characters is introduced and then the magic happens. Well, it's not really magic, it's more like a murder. Interestingly enough, there are no police on the scene. If there are, they are bumbling fools who should not be officers of the law; so, it is up to the guests of Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show to figure out "who done it" and why. Is there anyone who is up for the challenge? Can anyone in the crowd interrogate the cast enough to discover the true motive behind the crime?

There is an amazing list of shows which take place randomly throughout the day. Some shows are seasonal, but others are regular shows that go on all year long. These shows combine mystery and comedy into one interesting, fun filled family event that lasts about two and a half hours. This show is like no other. Guests will participate in the magic and get tangled up in the web of deception woven by the characters of this interesting story line. There are three different theaters which host three different shows, each with their own custom ending. Scripted line meets improv acting to complete an interesting picture. Guests will participate in the fun and hopefully solve the crime before dessert. Come enjoy Sleuth's for less with dinner show coupons!