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"The dinner shows in the Central Florida area are AWESOME! They are yet another great attraction for the whole family with food and beverage included! Can't beat these dinner show discounts either."

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polynesian luau

Imagine indulging in some of the best Polynesian cuisine that any menu would have to offer while partaking in one of the most festive, fun shows in the Orlando area; feasting on not only the best Polynesian cuisine, but also some of the best looking, family entertainment in the area. The dancers spin and seduce with their fluid movements as their eyes lock on to the mesmerized crowd members one by one. Beautiful women, handsome men, moving gracefully back and forth to the beats of the Polynesian island instruments as the fires from all sides set a warm and passionate ambiance. The art, the music, the smells, the sounds all combine to create the perfect atmosphere for an epic show that will not soon be forgotten, and it's all hosted at Sea World, Orlando.

The Makahiki Luau, also known as the Polynesian Luau, brings the ancient traditions of the Polynesian culture to the contemporary stage of today while utilizing the beautiful figurative movements of these professional dancers in an art form unparalleled by any other in the world. Witness fire twirlers, hula dancers, beautiful hand movements, singing, dancing, a full band as well as a band of traditional Polynesian instruments as they make their way to the stage to create the perfect atmosphere for an epic journey into the life of a Polynesian tribe doing what they do on a regular basis. The menu of this dinner show is teeming with Polynesian flavor as well so grab a plateful and enjoy the show!