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pirates dinner theater

Pirates Dinner Adventure is a magical journey back to the ages of pirates, treasure, and swashbucklers. For over 15 years, pirates have been doing battle for the favor of crowds right here in sunny Orlando, Florida. With the celebration of their fifteenth year comes a new pirate adventure called The Curse of Poseidon's Treasure which brings the crew of these fine vessels in search of an impressive treasure said to be cursed by the God of the oceans himself! Will these sea-faring scallywags take what isn't theirs? Will the curse take them in return? Find out at the next showing of this swashbuckling dinner adventure!

Guests will arrive and be seated in a 300,000 gallon lagoon aboard one of six ships. Each ship has it's own pirate mascot to cheer on for the duration of the show. This pirate will try and make his way through the treacherous landscape of the huge replica of a Spanish galleon, through the clutches of the evil Captain Sebastian the Black and his gang of pirates in order to find the treasure and win the cheers and hearts of his ship's audience section. There are canon shots, pyrotechnics, long falls to the watery lagoon below, and even epic sword and knife fights aboard the main ship, with masts that raise forty feet into the air! There is a ton to see and plenty to feast on for this epic pirate adventure here in Orlando. For Pirate Dinner Adventure discount tickets shop with us and start saving!