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"Been to a lot of theme parks in my day but Legoland has to be one of the coolest I have ever stepped foot in! You can have a blast with America's favorite toy, LEGOS! These discount Legoland tickets were the right price too! ;)"

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Legoland shows

Legoland has everything LEGO. There are tons of little shops that sell your favorite LEGO sets, accessories and much more! There is also an abundance of rides that are very "LEGO" that are themed to the particular area of the park they are located in. With that said, guests will have a great time with just those attractions and activities; however, there is more to Legoland than what has already been mentioned. Legoland also features a few really cool shows to entertain the masses with; true story. They have live performance shows around the park as well as really cool 4D movies playing at the Wells Fargo 4D Theater.

Legoland's live performance shows include The Big Test as well as the Pirate's Cove Live Water Ski Show. These little shows are great for the family. The Big Test is a 20 minute show held in Fun Town that features great information on fire safety. Watch the volunteers of the Fun Town Fire Department as they try to pass The Big Test. While they're at it, causing all sorts of funny shenanigans, learn a thing or two about fire safety. The fire truck is a working unit, so you may get wet! Another great show at Legoland is the Pirate's Cove Live Water Ski Show. This great show features a gang of pirates, full sized LEGO men, and some crazy water ski stunts. Highly entertaining, this show also asks for audience participation to help stop the evil pirates from winning the battle!