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kennedy space center

For everyone who looks up at the stars to see a vast space of interest, excitement, and adventure, there is a Central Florida attraction for you! The world famous Kennedy Space Center, dedicated to the late, great John F. Kennedy is a place of discovery, excitement, and the exploration of science and technology. There is so much for an aspiring astronaut to see as well as for anyone interested in the history of the "space race" and our country's dominance in that race from the inception of the space program well into the future of discovery and exploration. There is so much to see at Kennedy Space Center, from rocket launches to shuttle flight simulators, as well as the history of the equipment used in space travel. The museum located at Kennedy is teeming with old shuttles, engines, and other alien looking equipment used to get brave astronauts and scientists into space.

There is a wide variety of guided tours, flight simulators, and even IMAX films that will place guests right at the edge of their seats and into the minds and thoughts of the astronauts they are watching in front of their very eyes. There is even an astronaut encounter where guests can see what these men and women were thinking as well as what their outlook was on the missions they flew and even future missions of exploration. Visit the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame for an in depth look into the heroes of yesterday and today that made it all possible!