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holyland experience

Sweet Jesus! It's Jesus, before our very eyes! Actually it is an actor portraying Jesus, but he does a really, really good job. He almost lives a sinless life! Holyland Experience, brought to you by the Trinity Broadcasting Network is an interesting step away from the normal theme park because it deals with, well, everything biblical. This interesting park brings people of all walks of life, from all parts of the world to see the "Holyland" as it once was or may have been in the time of Jesus Christ. Guests of the park will not be hopping on any thrill rides or even small rides for that matter. This park is 100% reenactments of biblical stories and events, including the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

There are plenty of shows, reenactments, and other interesting things to see including a scriptorium where artifacts dating far back can be found. These artifacts actually pertain to the time of the bible, which in fact is not the time of Jesus. Never the less, this park is really entertaining to Christians and Catholics of all shapes, sizes and colors and makes for a great place to culminate and celebrate the word of the lord, as well as the word of people who thought they may or may not have heard the word of the lord. Grab a bite to eat, enjoy some Jesus stories, and buy a bunch of souvenirs pertaining to everyone's favorite lord and savior. Find great deals on Holyland Experience tickets right here!