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"There are so many cool attractions in Central Florida from Eco-tourism to various theme parks and even zoos! I found my ticket discounts right here! Thank you for the hospitality."

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Where can someone hold gators, snakes, and all sorts of other cool reptiles as well as catch a gator feeding or even a gator wrestling match? Is there anywhere in Central Florida where one can find such an interesting list of things to do?! Well, the answer is ABSOLUTELY! Gatorland is Central Florida's best place to see the most interesting reptiles in Florida without actually having to go out in the wetlands to hunt them down. This park is teeming with opportunities to see some of the most feared reptiles in the state from a safe distance, while catching a great show!

Gatorland has all sorts of great animal exhibits ready for the inquisitive who love to explore the outdoors and admire animals in their natural habitats. For over 50 years, Gatorland has been providing a great place for families to come enjoy the beautiful animals who call the Florida wetlands their home. Check out alligators, snakes, frogs, lizards, and even exotic birds. There are even some great places to dine at Gatorland, serving some of the best food in town! Gatorland also offers guided adventure tours, zip lining, and great shows. Find a nice spot and check out a live alligator feeding where park employees attach whole chickens to a wire suspended over the alligator pit. The gators then swim just under the chicken and jump up to grab a meal! WOW! Also, there are gator wrestling shows that place trained professionals right in the pit with a gator.