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discovery cove

Discovery Cove is a unique experience like none other found at any other park in Central Florida. This amazing place sets guests alongside some of the most exotic sea creatures in the world. This is an all-inclusive experience well worth the money spent in getting here. It is a place where there are no crowds, there are no loud obnoxious people, there are no long lines for extremely short rides. The experience here is one of amazing explorations, enlightening discoveries, and a whole load of person to creature interactivity. Bask in the Florida sun brandishing your Discovery Cove gear and get into the swing of the full on interactive experience.

For those who love animals, and we mean LOVE animals, Discovery Cove is the place to be. There are so many ways to truly discover unseen beauty and really experience the awe of intelligent life living in the waters of our very oceans. This tropical paradise is teeming with exhibits and attractions that place guests right in the water with dolphins, tropical fish, sea rays, and more! The shores of the water areas are lined with beautiful sand beaches that make guests think they are on another planet, or even in Heaven. There is even a lazy river that takes guests on a relaxing journey around the park. Amazing food is prepared for guests and guests have their pick of fine beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, prepared fresh and to their liking. Find a Discovery Cove ticket discount and get in the water today!