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arabina nights

Welcome to Arabian Nights. Imagine a calm breeze rolling over the dim, moon lit dunes of an Arabian sand scape. As eyes focus on the tops of the dunes they see a gang of marauders rolling in from just above the horizon. As they come into focus, their eyes are filled with determination and mystery all at the same time. They look as if they are getting ready to attack, but what they are really interested in is showing all the people in the crowd just how skilled they are at riding the beautiful horses that make the show that much more exciting.

The horses are really the stars of the show; however, they are co-starred by the beautiful Scheherazade, a girl who dreams of becoming a princess. She meets a genie who grants her the wish and allows her to begin her heart felt journey as an Arabian princess. Watch as amazing equestrian masters ride the arena doing amazing acrobatics through burning hoops as well as on multiple horses. Watch as these amazing acrobats reign their horses and make them complete amazing jumps, stops, and other tricks that will have the crowd exploding with amazement and cheers. This one hour and thirty minute production is the pinnacle of anyone's night. The wonderful cuisine compliments the show quite nicely as well. Guests will find anything from Pot Roast to Creamy Vegetable Lasagna on the menu as well as other amazing dishes. Find great deals on Arabian Nights tickets right here!