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"The dinner shows in the Central Florida area are AWESOME! They are yet another great attraction for the whole family with food and beverage included! Can't beat these dinner show discounts either."

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al capone's

Al Capone's Dinner & Show is an action packed show which sets up in the 1930's when Prohibition was the way of the way of our country. The show is teeming with mobsters, hot dames, and of course the main man, Al Capone. Basically, guests are invited to Al Capone's highly exclusive club. The only way in is to give the secret password at the door. Once the guests enter, it is all about good "prohibited" spirits, amazing restaurant quality American and Italian cuisine, and barrels of laughs and excitement. The quasi-intimate venue takes guests out of the normal large arena dinner show and places them in an ambiance indicative of a dim-lit night club or Italian restaurant in Chicago.

The cast is great, but the show is just as good. Witness Miss Jewel, hostess of the whole experience, sing and dance her way into the hearts and minds of the guests at hand. Look out for Fingers Salvatorio, the goofiest mobster one could ever meet, and his hot dame Bunny-June. These mobsters along with the head honcho, Al Capone, stake claim to their territory by throwing a party like no other. Drink his alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, eat his food, and have fun at his expense because Al is feeling generous. There may most likely be a visit from Al's competition, Buggs Moran. Buggs isn't too keen on Capone's success so he'll stop at nothing to snag Al's territory. Get your discount tickets to Al Capone's Dinner & Show today!